Since November 1990 the headquarters of
RUKO GmbH have been in Holzgerlingen
(near Stuttgart).

The modern building has a useful space of
around 5,600 m². Around 1,000 m² of this is
office space for the head office, 2,400 m² is
production space and 2,200 m² stores.
Customer satisfaction due to a
constant high quality. RUKO has lived
up to this claim throughout its
company history.

RUKO OHG was founded in November
1974 in Böblingen. It was reorganised
into RUKO GmbH Precision Tools in
July 1980.
At this time it also concentrated its
activities on the manufacture of drilling
and cutting tools.
Fully-automatic CNC grinding centres, aided
by CBN (cubic crystalline boron nitride)
grinding techniques, permit maximum
precision and repeatability in tool
manufacture. This means that RUKO
currently has one of the most up-to-date
production methods in the world.
RUKO has some of the most
up-to-date machinery with a high
production capacity.

With the intention of achieving
permanent increases in productivity,
we are continually investing in the
latest manufacturing technology and
production plant.