Warranty Info
Rennsteig Tools, Inc, warrants its products to be free from defects of material and workmanship for a period of
three (3) years from date of shipment to the original purchaser. Rennsteig Tools, Inc, will, under warranty
obligation, repair or replace defective part/product at their discretion. Repair services include cost of parts and
labor. Products may only be replaced for the same or comparable product(s) and with new products and after
evaluation of the defective unit.  In the event warranty does not apply, Rennsteig Tools, Inc will supply an
estimate of repair cost.

All returns must be factory authorized and Rennsteig Tools, Inc, must issue a Return Material Authorization
(RMA), prior to shipping. Returns will be shipped at buyer’s expense.

This warranty does not apply to any product or part that has been subject to misuse, negligence, accident,
vandalism, use outside of product design intent, or attempted repair/modification by anyone other than
Rennsteig Tools, Inc.  Rennsteig Tools, Inc.’s sole liability for defects or breach of warranty shall be replacement
of the parts involved, and, in no event, will Rennsteig Tools, Inc. be liable for special or consequential damages
or losses including property damage or other loss as related directly or indirectly to the use of Rennsteig Tools,
Inc’s products. In no event is Rennsteig Tools, Inc., liable for consequential damages caused by installation or
damages caused by acts of nature.  Rennsteig Tools, Inc. claims no liability for the cost of installation or any
other cost incurred during the use of products manufactured by Rennsteig Tools, Inc.

No warranty is made or implied as to the merchantability of any products or for the suitability or fitness of such
products for the Customer’s intended use. No representative is authorized to assume additional liability for
Rennsteig Tools, Inc.

In no case will Rennsteig Tools, Inc, be liable for any cost incurred in removing or installing the product, even if
the product had failed under a covered Warranty.  If damages occur from a Customer coordinated shipment(s),
Rennsteig Tools, Inc is not responsible for repair or replacement.

Products that are non-operational out of the box are considered to be DOA and are subject to the following
procedure.  The DOA period is the first seven days of receipt by customer of the product. DOA products will be
replaced but must be accompanied by an RMA number from Rennsteig Tools, Inc. If the product fails after
seven days, the Warranty Policy will go into effect.

Damage due to shipping the products to customer is covered under the freight carriers insurance. Rennsteig
Tools, Inc carriers have the right to assess damage claims and either accept or deny a claim. Rennsteig Tools,
Inc has no control over damage claims and cannot guarantee a claim award or product replacement. If the
freight carrier does not accept a damage claim, Rennsteig Tools, Inc reserves the right not to replace the

Located in the German community of Viernau, Rennsteig Werkzeuge GmbH derives its name from the Rennsteig Footpath
which runs through the beautiful Thuringian Highlands. The Rennsteig Footpath is hailed as one of Germany's most popular
tourist attractions as well as a hiker’s dream. The Footpath boasts magnificent views and offers spectacular year-round
recreation. Just as the Rennsteig Footpath has gained worldwide appreciation in its own right, Rennsteig Werkzeuge is
gaining global renown for its tools.
A German producer of high quality hand tools, Rennsteig Werkzeuge ( designs and manufactures state of
the art crimping, cutting, and stripping tools "Made in Germany". The company follows a long tradition of specialty hand tool
development and manufacturing which enables it to craft exceptionally dynamic hand tools. The products are mainly sold
under private label (OEM).
Using new technologies, innovative processes and the highest quality materials, we build cable cutting, stripping and crimping
tools, striking tools, shank chisels and a wide variety of other tools. Our in-house R & D Department works to continuously
improve our tools and develop new ones, and numerous international patents are evidence of our innovative ability. One of our
particular strengths is the development and manufacture of customer specific tool designs for a very diverse array of specialist