Headquarter Solingen since 1973                 Plant Steinbach-Hallenberg since 1991                          Plant Schwarza since 2008

NWS produces high quality hand tools exclusively in Germany.

The NWS head office is in Solingen. Here you find the administration, the sales organization, the marketing,
warehouse, logistic & shipping department as well as a part of the finishing production.

The main production in Steinbach-Hallenberg and Schwarza (Thuringia) is responsible for the basic production and
the development of the tools. The most parts of the goods are manufactured here. In Thuringia you find the most
modern CNC – controlled machines, to guarantee a constantly high quality of tools.
Our innovations and their realisation, as well as finding concrete solutions for various demands, constitute our daily
work. The direct contact to our customers gives us the chance to be always right on the side of the customers of
interest. High-quality work contributes to health protection as well as cost reduction in production.

Many patents on our pliers and cutters in the most different fields of application show the innovation and active
involvement of the NWS employees.

During the production, the manufacturing process is in accordance with the European DIN-standards and controls
and corresponds to the high quality claims of hand tools marked “Made in Germany” DIN ISO 9001 – VDE DIN EN
60900 – VPA Geprüfte Sicherheit – are international accepted quality marks. Printed on NWS-tools, they guarantee
safety and protection for those who work with them. This is important for the prevention of accidents and illness.
Warranty Info
NWS Warranty is a 5 year term period
German-Hand-Tools will extend this to a limited lifetime warranty when NWS products are purchased from