Warranty Info
KNIPEX is the largest manufacturer of professional quality pliers on earth and is headquartered in Wuppertal,
Germany.  We concentrate our efforts on being the best pliers manufacturer in terms of quality, innovation
and efficiency and our products satisfy the highest expectations in terms of performance, ergonomics and
service life.  All of our tools are designed with the professional tradesperson in mind.

Being a manufacturer with a well-known and prestigious brand name, we claim a high standard of quality for
all of our products and services. We strive to constantly justify and renew our customers’ confidence in us
and in our brand.

Not only are we focused on offering the highest quality products available, but we are also widely recognized
for our dedication to innovation.  We offer several unique and patented tools that serve a variety of needs
and are designed to make our customers’ everyday work easier and more enjoyable.

Although a lot has changed in the 130 years that we’ve been in business, we’ve maintained our focus on
offering high quality products with the greatest features, advantages, and benefits at a competitive price.

KNIPEX – The Pliers Company.
We produce exclusively in Germany - with ecological and social

The entire value-adding work is done by our employees in our
Wuppertal factory - from forging the plier blanks to packaging.

We secure our technical advance by developing and building a lot
of our machines and plants ourselves.
Our new and further developments constantly ensure
improved work results and greater benefits for users.

In this way we make daily work with pliers easier,
quicker and safer for the people using them.

Again and again, we successfully create innovations
which set standards for the industry.
KNIPEX manufactures the highest quality tools for industrial and commercial use.

Any product manufactured by KNIPEX that fails due to workmanship or materials
will be replaced at no charge. In the unlikely event that the exact type of tool
should not be available, for example due to program change, KNIPEX will replace
with a similar item of the same or better performance.

This warranty does not apply in any way to product failures caused by misuse,
abuse, alteration or tools worn out by use.

KNIPEX makes no other warranties, express or implied, with respect to the tools
and their suitability for specific applications. Replacement is the exclusive remedy
and KNIPEX neither assumes, nor authorizes any person to assume for it, any
other warranty, or obligation express or implied. In no event shall KNIPEX be liable
for incidental or consequential damage.
Lifetime Warranty